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What is MSI? Why buy an MSI laptop?

You have all heard of "name brand" laptop's on the market today; such as Dell, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba, Alienware, etc. None of these companies actually manufacture their own laptop's.

These "name brands" purchase their laptops from an ODM (Original Design Manufacturer). ODM's such as Quanta, Compal, Asus, MSI, Uniwill and Clevo design & manufacture the machine and sell it to these 'name brand" companies. These "name brand" companies then customize the system with a Intel or AMD Processors, Hard Drives, Ram and other internal accessories and then put their name on it and market it as their own. Most companies receive the laptop's from the ODM's as a barebones; meaning there is no processor, ram, hard drive and other internal accessories.

Frostycomputers also markets laptop's from these popular ODM's. So when you buy an Frostycomputers laptop you are buying the same quality of laptops that these "name brands" offer but usually with a more attractive price tag, the latest cutting edge (non proprietary) technology, more flexibility with customizations to the system and followed by superior personalized service.

MSI, similar to Asus, makes their own laptops. MSI is known worldwide for their video cards, motherboards and other Computer components. MSI makes all the notebook products I sell, and is able to support all its notebook products with in-house repairs and notebook parts.  Micro-Star International Corporation, Ltd. is one of the IT industry's leading manufacturers of computer hardware products and solutions, including world's top five and Taiwan's top three motherboard manufacturer, Taiwan biggest and world's top five server manufacturer, and has been the leading graphic card manufacturer for the past four years.

As you can see the parts used by"major brand" companies are not very different from these ODM parts, used in MSI products, in what most cases the consumers are made to believe. Although ODM parts are never recognized by the consumers; they (consumers) end up with the same high quality parts and products used in "brand" name computers.

Some call this the "hidden secret" of the laptop industry that they don't want you to know, but we wanted to share this "secret" with you.

Quote taken from:

“The market research firm iSuppli issued a report in 2006 which demonstrated that 82.6% of PC notebooks are made in Taiwan by Taiwanese original equipment manufacturer (OEMs) and ODMs.”

What is MSI anyways? (Quoted from a customer member) That's the question I asked when I was buying this 5 months ago. And when I researched MSI I realized that it is one of the best Laptop companies out there. You mostly hear of companies like Dell, Gateway, Toshiba because they mass produce laptops and push in low prices using low-end components or specs that people don't even check. MSI stands for MicroStar International. The company has been around for years and without them brands like Dell or Toshiba wouldn't exist. In fact, every Dell or Toshiba has an MSI inside them: MSI makes motherboards, chips, and other laptop components. They've been making these for companies like Dell for a while and then they realized that since they produce most of the parts of laptop that is hidden beneath a plastics cover with a Dell logo on it, they might as well make their own laptops as a whole. And they've come up with their laptop computing series. These people are the experts at making the components of your laptop. They're not just a merchant that buys components from other firms to create the laptop - these people make it all! Who can beat them? This has made me trust MSI and buy this laptop in the first place and I hope it answers your question as to what MSI is - that's for all the not-so techy people as I know that all of you geeks out there know what MSI is and does.
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